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The Mirror 

Release 2022-09-22



My newest effort. It is very piano/vocal-driven but also includes many other instruments that i played. Very refined and recorded in the iconic Tonstudio Katzer. 

Tracks: 01.Pinoke's Tears 02.His Scars 03.Your Strength 04.Saoirse 05.The Answer 06.Dancing Stars 07.Sanctuary 08.Shelter 09.Island 10.Not A Butterfly 11.Your Ghost

Available on: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Youtube Music, Facebook/Instagram

Silent Words

Release 2017-08-14


Silent Words is an instrumental EP. It features piano instrumentals and one vocal track. 

Tracks: 01.Daylight 02.Indian Dream 03.Ghost Story 04.Kanashii Desu

             05.Elephant 06.Rue 07.Elephant (Vocal Version)

Available on: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify

Not Alone

tm - Kopie...png

Release 2015-08-25


Not Alone was my first full length record. Its main elements are keyboards, guitars, bass and vocals. 

Tracks: 01.The River 02.Within 03.Swimming Out 04.Little World

             05. Fall To Dust 06.Waiting in Vain 07.Only Love 08.The Rescue


Available on: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer

The Horizon

Release 03-04-2014


The Horizon EP was my first effort. It features 3 of my earliest songs I wrote when I was only 11.

Tracks: 01. Autumn Rain Fell 02. One Morning in Spring 03.Road To Horizon

Available on: Soundcloud (free download)

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